MySB - SoSe 2018



About the project

The android application MySB is the update of Modul Manager and StudyQuiz.

Compared to the old versions we have created a clear design, new usable functionalities,

a better usability as well as an improved technical performance.

Our vision

To create an application which functions as a

companion for every student of HS-Worms, so that it helps the students to organize, to plan and to simplify their study.



To achieve our goal we implemented the following features:

In the main page the user is able to follow his progress and plan his modules to have the overview of his current status.

If necassary, you can customize the application in the settings.

The user can also have the overview of the whole study at a glance.

For the freshmen it's very helpful to have a map to navigate around the campus.

A very useful functionality is the calculator which appreciates the average of your grades.

You can plan your exams in the calendar of your phone. and the "Study Helper" supports your preparation for the exams.

With the thought that you don't miss any lectures we added a scheduler.

In addition to that we also added a mensaplan to check it out for the whole week.

Futher usable features are the FAQ, motivated messages and  push notifications to stay up to date.



Michael Maier

(Product Owner)

Elif Cobansoy

(Scrum Master)

Ayse-Nur Elibol


Birol Kozakli


Lilia Terzieva


Richard Rogalla


Mario Schuscha


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