NetEye - SoSe 2020

Welcome to the team space of TOP NetEye

Check out our video and our poster (download link).

Video Sources:
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The Team:

The Personification of Procrastination:

Alwin Albers (Devteam)

Alwin, 23 years old, has  experience in .NET software development. Working on this project he wants to gain insight and expand his knowledge in computer networks. In his spare time he likes to play video games.

Ill Gates:

Hendrik-Maximilian Lappe (Devteam)

Hendrik is a 20-year-old extrovert. He's not your typical computer-scientific basement dweller, but rather active. Partying, hiking, sports and everything else you can do with friends are what he likes best. During this project he wants to have fun times with the team, learn as much as he can and create a cool project.

The Train Spotter:

Can Oezkarci (Devteam)

Can is a train dependent 26-year-old. Apart from having nice evenings with friends and playing video games, there is one thing he does often enough to call it a hobby: waiting for his train. Although sometimes late thanks to Deutsche Bahn, he always seems to be in a good mood. In this project he expects to have a good team working experience, a good result and having learned a lot.

Definitely not the Author:

Kevin Vogel (Devteam)

Kevin is our 25-year-old Designer. Although he doesn't like his PO's taste in music, he's always eager to tackle all the design related tasks that are to be found as long as they are not also related to writing texts. Ranging from name tags and logo to the design of the finished product, he's the one who will make us look good and therefore leave his mark all over this project. In this project, he's looking to gain practical experience.

The Chief Technology Officer:

Thomas Weigold (Devteam)

Thomas is the 21-year-old MVP of the team. Having more experience that he wants to list in the short bio used to write these texts, he's already earned his Burger King crown for king of cryptic explanations in the first few days of the project. Apart from IT-Security and capturing all sorts of flags in hacking contests, he likes to play tennis in his spare time. Having fun is what he wants from this project.

The Crumb Master:

Simon Prantl (Scrum Master)

Simon is our 27-year-old sovereign of chaos. While most people would not be able to call his desks a work place, Simon perfectly manages to reign over his "mess". This skill set of being the sovereign of chaos perfectly suits his role of scrum master of the team as the team's more talkative characters sometimes require a little refreshing of how scrum is supposed to be done. In his spare time he doesn't only try to be a virtuoso in computer gaming but also plays the violoncello. His expectations of this project include having made experiences in agile project management and having a functioning product completed.

The Coffee Sink:

Felix Nesbigall (Product Owner)

Felix is our 27-year-old group mother. Apart from standing at the food table most of the time waiting for his coffee to be done, he is able to resolve conflicts within the team in seconds. He worked on server migration in a hospital for roughly 2 years and loves to play music (guitar, bass, drums, ...). Despite drinking all of our coffee, Felix is always open to have a beer with friends.

About us:

Network and System-Monitoring Project TOP 2020 - NETEye

Our Gitlab:

Our first meeting

Hello, dear visitor of our team space,

We are team four of 2020's team oriented project of HS Worms.

Our objective is to develop a network and system monitoring software for the faculty of applied computer sciences on our school using the icinga 2 framework and docker.

Our team consists of two students specializing in software development, four specializing in cloud and network technologies and one in media and design.

Day 1 of the first sprint

Being a diverse team in terms of specialization fields and personalities, we expect to be able to learn a lot from each other, not only when it comes to fulfilling our objective but also for our characters.

Browse this space for more information on our project and enjoy your stay.


Team NETEye